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In today’s world, being a part time real estate agent is more difficult than ever as consumers demand agents who can devote 100% effort and time to them and to the job of finding or selling their home. In addition, it is almost impossible for the part timer to stay abreast of the constantly changing array of real estate laws, thus exposing the agent and their customer to possible liability.


However, we know that you’ve worked hard to develop and nurture your business relationships. Do you have a large network from which you would like to benefit even after retirement? The Weigand Referral Company was formed to give real estate agents who want to keep their real estate license, but are not actively listing and selling, another option. An agent may hang their license with this company for a small administrative fee, and a yearly fee billed in January. It is the agent’s responsibility to keep their real estate license current with the KREC by attending any required continuing education, and paying any license renewal fees. They may not list and sell as long as their license is hung with this company. They may only give referrals and accept referral fees for doing so. Why give up all of those relationships that you’ve worked so hard to develop over the years? We have professional, highly trained agents that will take care of your sphere of influence as if it were their own so that deals are closed and you get your referral fee and maintain your reputation.


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