Company History



J.P. Weigand

J.P. Weigand, a young man from Mt. Sterling, Illinois, came to Wichita by covered wagon in 1902 to sell maps for Rand McNally. To this young man Wichita was a town with endless possibilities. When he arrived and viewed the surroundings, he felt he had come to a boomtown. He quickly subleased desk space in a retail storeroom at 114 N. Market and his love affair with Wichita began. J.P.’s abiding faith in the future and steadfast loyalty to Wichita began a standard and tradition that has linked the Weigand family with this city for over a century.

1902 was just 32 years since Wichita’s rowdy beginning. The population had reached 25,000 and it was the largest city within 150 miles. The city covered seven square miles and most citizens used horse drawn transportation or walked. The distance between home and employment was a prime consideration when purchasing a home. Most neighborhood streets were unpaved. The elite neighborhood was located near the site of today’s Via Christi Regional Medical Center, St. Francis Campus. At the beginning of Weigand’s first decade in the real estate business the local newspaper real estate section covered about 1/3 column. But with a population that would reach 55,000 by 1910, real estate was booming.


Weigand’s business expanded, and he leased a one-room office across the street in the new four story Bitting Building at 105 N. Market. During this period J.P., who had never learned to drive a car, used public transportation, a carriage, walked, or had someone drive him in an automobile to show property. He had no office staff and kept track of all of his transactions on a multitude of scrap pieces of paper in his suit pockets.


Nestor Weigand

To an increasing number of Wichitans, Weigand came to mean real estate.  In 1927, Nestor R. Weigand, Sr. returned from Notre Dame and joined his father, doubling the J. P. Weigand firm to two, and in the following year the name of the firm was changed to J. P. Weigand & Son.

On his business card, sometime in the late 1920's, he had printed the following:

"I am for Wichita.  Wichita is the Indianapolis of the Southwest.  The greatest commercial and financial center of its size in the world.  15 lines of railroad radiate into a territory with 700,000 people within 100 miles of Wichita; wherein the future will live 1,000,000 people, with Wichita as their metro point.  Population now 45,000; will soon have 100,000.  Watch us grow."    

                                                  J.P. Weigand


The Weigand name became a more familiar and established part of Wichita history and progress with an increase in personnel and a change in location.


Jean Paul Weigand

Jean Paul Weigand entered the real estate business, increasing the total size of the firm by 33 1/3 percent.  The following year Nestor Sr. became President of the Wichita Board of REALTORS®, and the firm hired its first part time secretary who also served as the part time secretary for the Board of REALTORS®.


 The office moved from the Bitting Building to offices on the ground floor of 202 N. Market.


Nestor, Sr. was elected President of the Kansas Association of REALTORS®. Prior to the departure of Jean Paul to fight in World War II in 1941, the firm name was changed to J.P. Weigand and Sons.  In 1944, during the war, Nestor, Sr. was again elected President of the Wichita Board, becoming the only two-time President in the history of the Wichita Board of REALTORS®.

 June 18, 1950

J. P. Weigand died in his home at 439 N. Emporia. Even though he had never driven an automobile, he had nevertheless made hundreds of real estate deals by walking the streets of Wichita. The editorial page of the Wichita paper featured the following editorial:

J. P. WEIGAND - 1873 TO 1950 - Wichita Eagle & Beacon Editorial, June 1950.  "The necessary qualification for any successful salesman is faith in what he is selling.  For 48 years the late J. P. Weigand sold Wichita real estate on the basis of an unabiding faith in the future of the City, a faith which was founded upon a thorough knowledge of what constitutes real values, present and future.  For the nearly 50 years of his activity he saw property values advance surely and steadily, based upon the growth of the city and its importance as a business center.  Recently the concern of which he was the head sold Douglas Avenue frontage at $10,000 per ft.  Surely, a vindication of the faith he had in the future of Wichita.

No man had a more complete knowledge of Wichita real estate. It could almost be said that he carried a plat of the city in his head, so thoroughly was he informed upon the subject.  He was of that remarkable generation which, casting their lot with the City at the beginning of its growth, lived to see the fulfillment of his predictions.  He will be greatly missed from the scene he knew so well."


Jean Paul was installed as President of the Wichita Board of REALTORS®. Within the company he served the dual role of residential sales manager and salesman. There were now eight people associated with the firm. Thelma Paul, Dolly Tucker and a third, part-time employee made up the staff, while Helen Smith, Elmer Huffman and Louis Weiss made up the sales team along with Jean Paul and Nestor, Sr.


Michael Weigand

Michael C. Weigand returned from service in the army and became associated with the firm. Sherry Moore joined the firm in the same year.


The entire firm moved two blocks to the ground floor of the Schweiter Building at 110 N. Main. The firm consisted of Nestor Weigand, Sr., Jean Paul Weigand, Michael Weigand, Thelma Paul, Elizabeth Sutherland, Sherry Moore, Helen Smith, Jim Loveland and Jim Flory.


Nestor Weigand Jr.

After graduating from Notre Dame and completing his active duty military obligations, Nestor R. Weigand, Jr. joined the firm.


Michael was elected the President of The Wichita Board of REALTORS®.


The first branch office of the firm was opened at 387 N. Woodlawn.


The 70’s saw increases in the number of associates, the opening of new sales offices and the continuation of the Weigand tradition of active participation and leadership at all levels of the Association of REALTORS®


J. P. Weigand & Sons purchased the assets of Norman Bekemeyer and opened its second residential branch office at 9344 W. Central.  A year later, Herb Krumsick, currently a Senior Vice President, joined J. P. Weigand & Sons.  He came from a successful career as an office-leasing specialist with Garvey Enterprises.


Nestor, Jr. was elected President of the Wichita Metropolitan Area Board of REALTORS®; and Jean Paul moved the headquarters of the residential division from 110 N. Main to 387 N. Woodlawn and doubled the size of the office.


The Twin Lakes residential office was opened at 2014 W. 13th.  One year later, commercial-industrial-investment and corporate offices moved from 110 N. Main to the present location at 150 N. Market.  This move marked the 75th anniversary of the firm. 


Nestor, Jr. became President of the Kansas Association of REALTORS®.


The growth of J. P. Weigand & Sons continued and the rich traditions of professional involvement and quality service were continued and expanded.


The creation of an investment brokerage division resulted in the expansion of J. P. Weigand & Sons to 148 N. Market.  A complete renovation of the corporate and the commercial-industrial-investment division office was also completed in the same year.  The firm also purchased the office building of the Gordon Dotzour Real Estate Company at 9100 W. Central and moved its west side residential operation to that location.


Nestor, Jr. assumed the position of President and Chief Executive Officer of a firm which had become a residential real estate sales division with four offices, a commercial-industrial-investment division, and a relocation and third party brokerage division.  Nestor, Sr. was named Chairman of the Board. The Derby residential sales office was opened at 327 E. Madison.


Weigand commercial division experienced a year of change and growth. The initial formation of two new specialty groups, the Retail and Office Groups, was followed by several others as the Agriculture/Farm/Ranch, General Brokerage and Business Brokerage Groups completed the commercial organization.


Changes continued in with the expansion of commercial and corporate operations into the 3-story building south and adjacent to the 150 N. Market office.  This renovated facility added 2,500 sq. ft. of offices and a sales support center.


The Twin Lakes and West residential sales offices merged into one office and moved to a new location in the Northwest Centre at Tyler and 13th Street.  The East office followed suit when it moved into office space in the Carriage Park office complex at Central and Edgemoor.  And a new Southeast Office, at 2040 S. Rock Road, was opened, merging with the Derby office.


Continuing his involvement in local, national and international real estate, Nestor Weigand, Jr. served as President of the National Association of REALTORS®.


Connie Simcox was hired as controller.


A Hutchinson commercial office was established. 


Connie Simcox became a Vice President of the company. Her contribution through the years would prove to be an invaluable part of the history of the company.


The Residential Division moved its East office to 6530 E. 13th Street, remodeled and expanded the West office and remodeled the Southeast office.

February 25, 1994

Nestor R. Weigand, Sr. died.


J.P. Weigand & Sons, Inc. opened its first franchised office in Belle Plaine, KS providing service to Sumner County. Cathy Sheets was the Broker/Owner.


Connie Simcox was named Chief Financial Officer, Vice President and General Manager of the company.


J.P. Weigand & Sons, Inc. purchased the assets of Simmons Realty Associates, Inc. in Andover and established a residential office at 943 N. Andover Road. Continuing that expansion, an Augusta residential office was opened in the Nations Bank Building at 645 State Street.


The Wellington office was opened.


The Andover office was relocated to a new building facility at 135 S. Andover Rd., and the Southeast office moved into a newly constructed building at 10811 E. Harry. The Belle Plaine and Wellington offices were acquired by J.P. Weigand & Sons. The established firm of Oswald Realty in Hutchinson was acquired, which includes both residential and commercial operations and was known as Oswald-Weigand Real Estate.

March 8, 2000

Jean Paul Weigand died.

2001 - 2002

Nestor served as World President of the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI), and today continues to be very involved in all levels of organized real estate. The Derby office was re-established.


Connie Simcox was named the President of the Company. She was the first non-Weigand, and the first female to head up the company.


Sue Wenger’s former RE/MAX office in Mulvane was acquired by the company and became the tenth residential branch.


Sue left Weigand to start Sue Wenger Real Estate Group, Inc. Oswald-Weigand and UpTown Realty merged, became J.P. Weigand & Sons, Inc., and moved into UpTown Realty’s location at 1009 N. Main in Hutchinson.


In preparation for her retirement, Connie hired KJ Lager as Chief Financial Officer, and appointed Gary Walker as Vice President – General Manager, residential division. The west office left its home of 20 years at 13th & Tyler to move to their new location at 2872 N. Ridge Road.


Roger Weast

Connie’s retirement was official and Roger Weast was named as the new President of the company in April. The Augusta and Andover offices merged and located at 135 N. Andover Rd. in Andover. In July the New Homes Division was opened with Richelle Knotts as Sales Manager. The REO Division was another great addition to the company in November with Wendy Wilkinson and Lacy Clarke as Managers. The year ended with the formation of the Auction Division in December with John Rupp and Mike King as Managers, blending the talents and resources of the Commercial and Residential Divisions.


Weigand started the year as a truly full service real estate company with six divisions; Residential, Commercial, New Homes, Relocation, REO and Auction, In February, the Andover Office merged with the East Harry Office located at 10811 E. Harry. The West Office at 2872 N. Ridge Rd added an additional 9000 square feet and over fifty agents in July, and the company also added offices in Newton and El Dorado, bringing the office count to ten. Ginette Hueslman joined the company as Residential Sales Development Director in July as well.


In February of 2011, Dawn Truman, then Director of Operations for the Commercial Division was named Business Development Manager for the company. In April, the East Harry Office merged with the East Office located at 6530 E. 13th. Roger Weast resigned as President in May, and Stephanie Carlson was named manager of the REO Division. Dawn Truman was named President in September. Nestor Weigand III, joined the Board of Directors. 

January 26, 2012

Sherry Moore, Vice President of Administration and integral part of the company since 1956 passed away in January. Don Hackett joined the Board of Directors. In December, Peggy Ward was hired as controller.


The Relocation Division was moved to the downtown office and Kelly Hunsaker was hired as the Business Development/ Relocation Director. Peggy Ward was promoted to Chief Financial Officer and became the Corporate Secretary. 

March 7, 2014

Michael C. Weigand, Senior Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer of the company passed away.


Peggy Ward became the Corporate Treasurer. In June, Jerry Gray, V.P. and General Manager of the Commecial Division retired. The El Dorado office merged with the Newton Office leaving us with seven locations throughout the area; East Wichita, West Wichita, Commercial/ Corporate, Derby, Belle Plaine, Newton and Hutchinson.

January 1, 2015

Dawn Truman was named Senior Vice President of the company and took over the role as General Manager of the Commercial Division. John Rupp was named President.

The “Standard for Excellencesm” that has exemplified this company since its inception continues to be a part of the company philosophy. Our proud history and place in the area is our basis for an ongoing effort to search for new and better ways to serve our associates, staff, sellers, buyers and community. As the company continues to grow and expand, the philosophy of its founder still remains an important part of the company’s focus, “Watch us grow.”

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