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As people begin to travel more after long winters, homeowners often find themselves hosting family and old friends for overnight stays. When guests enter the spare bedroom, you want them to feel welcome, comfortable, and relaxed. Unfortunately, sometimes that room becomes a catch-all for overflow or a home office. Our real estate agents urge you to clear out the clutter and convert the space into a comfortable guest room and would like to offer a few tips to help you.

  • Consistent Decorating Scheme
    Carry the style of decor from the rest of the house into the spare room. If the living room is contemporary, don't create a jarring change to mid-century in the spare bedroom. The same principle is true of color schemes. The one exception to the color rule is that you may wish to darken the colors in the extra bedroom so that travelers suffering from jet lag can feel comfortable napping to get their bearings.

  • Add Complementary Furnishings
    A small desk, a chair, or a bench at the foot of the bed welcomes your guest to use the space for their personal needs. They should have a comfortable space to plug in their laptops, make personal calls to house or pet sitters, or just kick back and relax. Make sure your guests have plenty of room for their clothing and luggage. Supplemental lighting in the form of a desk or floor lamp also adds to their comfort and convenience. 

  • Provide Toiletries
    Don't we all forget things when we travel? A tray containing hand lotion, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, and a toothbrush makes it clear that they have been provided for your guest's use. While you're at it, put out a clean bathrobe, extra towels, blankets, and pillows. Travelers often arrive at odd times without having a good meal for hours. A bowl of fresh fruit and granola bars adds a touch of natural color to the room and means they can have a snack to tide them over to their next meal. Anticipating their needs tells your visitors that you are mindful of them and are happy to have them. 

  • Add a Touch of Fun
    Carry seasonal themes into the spare room. This is not to suggest adding a lot of clutter, but Valentine's Day pillows and winter candles will brighten the room without that commercial hotel look. Snuggly pillows, luxurious rugs, and interesting accessories will add to the feeling of home. Plants and fresh flowers are perfect additions to any decor and make the room feel alive and their stay with you more inviting.

  • Work With the Space
    A spare room may be a smaller space than the rest of the bedrooms in the home. Try to add comfort without crowding. You may, for example, choose a bed with drawers below the mattress to eliminate the need for a dresser. A daybed with artfully arranged decorator pillows can serve double duty as both a bed and a reading nook where the occupant can relax during waking hours. Stick to a small bedside table with a storage shelf to hold clocks, books, and random items. Use existing architectural features to enhance the room. Instead of trying to disguise them, capitalize on them as focal points. 

As you look at our beautiful Wichita homes for sale, you'll find that many have plenty of extra rooms necessary for home offices and spare bedrooms alike. Contact us when you are ready to go shopping!

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