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Furnishing a First Home - J.P. Weigand & Sons, Inc.

While searching the many amazing Wichita homes for sale, there's no doubt that you'll find the perfect one for you and your family in no time. Of course, you'll need to furnish that home sooner rather than later. The problem is that many new homeowners aren't sure what kind of stuff they should get right away and what can wait for a couple of weeks or even longer.

Some of this is based on personal preference, but our real estate agents have some ideas on several "must-haves" and "can-waits."

  • Must-Have: Various Furniture and Appliances
    You can't get your new home up and running without several different types of furniture and appliances. If you don't want to purchase too much furniture, pick up necessary items such as a couch or sofa, beds, tables, chairs, etc. Some appliances will often be included with a home purchase, but you need to make sure you have a refrigerator, stove, washer, dryer, etc.

  • Can-Wait: Cleaning and Renovation Supplies
    Yes, you definitely want to pick up cleaning supplies and renovation supplies after moving into your new home, but most of them can wait. You'll be fine if you pick up a general cleaner, some microfiber cloths, and a few basic tools (hammer, screwdriver, etc.). It's okay to settle in first and then do a full supply run at your local hardware store.

  • Must-Have: Bathroom Supplies and Toiletries
    While you may be able to wait a few days or even a week or more for many different cleaning supplies, bathroom supplies are another beast. You'll need a variety of bathroom items, such as a shower curtain, toilet brush, plunger, towels, washcloths, etc. Just as important, you'll need hand soap, toilet paper, and other toiletries.

  • Can-Wait: Storage and Organizing Solutions
    When you first move in, you don't really have to worry about having too many storage items since everything will be boxed up already. Put these boxes aside and then figure out what you'll need after a week or two to store everything properly. This could include anything from shelving units and storage bins to baskets and filing cabinets.

  • Must-Have: Bedroom Furniture and Linens
    In addition to picking up a bed for each room, you should also get bedroom furniture such as bedside tables, lamps, etc. That's only part of the puzzle, though. Each bedroom will also require sheets, blankets, pillows, and pillowcases. And although not necessary right away, you may want to add bookshelves and other items for a kid's room. 

  • Can-Wait: Extra Furniture and Appliances
    What one person considers extra furniture and appliances may not be the same for the next person. For example, perhaps you can put off purchasing a recliner or microwave. Some people might not even need a television right away, though most homeowners already have one to bring with them. It's often nice to settle in first and then determine which extra items you need.

  • Must-Have: Kitchen Supplies and Necessities
    Lastly, you'll need many different kitchen supplies and necessities immediately. Items such as eating utensils, kitchen utensils, glasses, mugs, plates, and bowls are usually required right away. However, you may be able to pick up some disposable items to tide you over for the first week or so. You'll also want dish soap, sponges, cloths, etc.

This list of must-haves and can-waits will help furnish your new home. Contact us, and we'll help you get started by finding your dream property.

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