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New appliances and kitchen renovations are expensive investments and major appliances have long service lives. That makes it particularly important to make sure your upgrades are not already out of style. Our real estate agents want to share a few tips with you about current kitchen trends to keep your home attractive as well as marketable.

  1. Panel-Ready Appliances
    This exciting new option lets homeowners cover their major appliances with cabinet doors that match the rest of the kitchen. This added versatility means saying so long to stainless steel and black stainless steel, probably for good. While they may have looked great in new industrial decor, they proved to be difficult to clean and prone to ugly scratches, making them look worn long before their time. Seldom did two stainless steel appliances match perfectly, either, which detracted from the overall appearance of the room. Black and stainless steel appliances have gone the way of the avocado-colored refrigerator leaving versatile panel-ready appliances in their wake. 

  2. French Door Refrigerators
    Massive refrigerators that look like they belong in a school cafeteria are moving aside for more sleekly designed units. These feature doors to both the freezer and refrigerator sections for easy access. Other models offer French doors on the refrigerator section with a freezer drawer below. Many of our Wichita homes for sale feature islands for additional workspace. Smaller doors mean less space is required for clearance between the unit and the kitchen island.

  3. Electric Wall Ovens
    Instead of a gas oven, consider these convenient options. Cooks generally prefer the convenience of baking at eye level and not having to lift heavy dishes from a bent-over position. Gas, once the cheaper option, has grown more expensive than electricity. Convenience and economy make electric wall units the most popular option today. Many buyers are selecting 30-inch ovens as manufacturers are phasing out the previously standard 27-inch models.

  4. Induction Cooktops
    Exciting new technology is rapidly edging out traditional stovetop cooking methods by using electromagnetic waves. Induction cooking is safe, efficient, and precise. Natural gas emits methane and particulates, compromising the air quality in your kitchen. Induction cooking eliminates that problem. Glass surfaces mean easy cleanup and the elimination of dangerous flames. This option has some downsides, as you may have to purchase new cookware if your pots and pans are copper-clad, aluminum, or ceramic. Pots and pans must be magnetic for induction to work. While prices are coming down, this option is still more expensive than traditional stoves.

  5. Undermount Stainless Steel Sink
    This may seem to be an odd recommendation after the comments about stainless steel appliances, but stainless is still far superior to ceramic in this instance. While lovely, a ceramic sink requires constant cleaning and is subject to scratch marks from cookware. Undermounting is best for wooden cabinetry as there is no gap around the edge to hold damaging moisture. 

Whether you are updating your home for sale or customizing a recent purchase, our real estate professionals will be happy to share additional tips to help guide your decisions. Contact us when you are ready to make a move. 

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