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Unique Painting Projects - Homeowners - J.P. Weigand & Sons, Inc.

If you want to revamp your home's style and appearance, a coat or two of paint is a fast, easy way to give any room in your home an upgrade. While most homeowners know that painting a room instantly overhauls the space, you have several options for utilizing paint in your home. Our real estate agents suggest trying one of the following projects.

  1. Paint Your Trim with an Accent Color
    While white is a popular color for home trim, it isn't your only option. Painting a room's trim with colored paint is an excellent way to add a subtle touch of color to the room.

    If you're concerned that your selected shade is too bright, you can mix white paint with the hue so it isn't as bold. 
  1. Change Your Floors with a Coat of Paint
    You can use paint in several ways to change the look of your home's floors, depending on your selected color and design. An advantage of using paint is that it allows you to preserve the room's original floors; it's also a fantastic alternative for floors that are too thin to refinish.

    Use paint to give your floors a rustic or elegant look, or incorporate designs to give the room a whimsical touch that's perfect for a playroom or child's bedroom. Design templates make it easy to add a stylish pattern, like diamonds or geometric shapes, to your floors.

    Make sure to prepare your floors for painting properly, and fix any structural damage before beginning the project. 
  1. Use Paint to Make Ducts and Pipes Attractive
    Instead of undertaking a costly renovation to hide your home's ducts and pipes, paint them with a fun, vibrant color that makes them a decorative element in the room.

    For example, if you have exposed HVAC ducts in your kitchen, paint them a color that complements the other shades in your kitchen. Or, use the duct to add a small area of dramatic color to the room.  
  1. Enliven the Backs of Your Home's Built-In Pieces
    If your home has built-in shelves or bookcases, you likely already paint these pieces to keep them looking their best. However, instead of painting the built-in a single color, use a different shade for the back of the built-in.

    This adds depth and interest to the room, and a pop of unexpected color helps you ensure the space reflects your style and aesthetic preferences. 
  1. Paint the Front Door to Boost Your Curb Appeal
    Before adding your home to the inventory of Wichita homes for sale, you want to make sure that your home has curb appeal so that it's instantly attractive to prospective buyers.

    Painting your front door a fun, trendy color updates your home's exterior while ensuring it appeals to as many homebuyers as possible. A fresh coat of paint will also help your home look new and well-maintained. 

With a little time and a gallon of paint, you can update several elements in your home so that it's a reflection of your tastes. Ready to list your home? Contact us to get started!

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