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Trick-or-Treat Safety for Homeowners - J.P. Weigand & Sons, Inc.

The best thing about Halloween is handing out yummy goodies to those little trick-or-treaters dressed up in adorable costumes. Before there's a knock on your front door, our real estate agents suggest you focus on some Halloween home safety tips that will ensure a fun-filled night.

Ghosts, goblins, pirates, and witches are a welcome sight on Halloween Eve, but injuries are not on the welcome list. If you're planning for trick-or-treaters in your Wichita homes for sale, it's important to follow safety measures to prevent unwanted falls, burns, fires, dog bites, and theft.

  • Make Sure Your Property Is Well-Lit
    Falls and tripping hazards are leading causes of accidents on Halloween. Small children dressed in long costumes that drag the ground and masks that impair vision can suffer falls that result in cuts and bruises, broken bones, facial lacerations, and head trauma. Before Halloween arrives, replace burned-out bulbs in outdoor fixtures, install lights in flower beds, place pathway lights along walkways, place downlights in trees, and install motion lights around the garage.

  • Don't Overload Electrical Outlets
    If you need to boost your outdoor lighting, make sure you don't use extension cords or overload your electrical outlets. Extension cords are tripping hazards and ungrounded outdoor lighting can easily cause fires, burns, and electrical shock. If it rains on Halloween, unsafe lighting can lead to severe injuries, even death. With all outdoor outlets, make sure you only use covered electric outlets with ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs).

  • Replace Candles with LED Candles
    Real candles in carved pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, and decorative paper lanterns give off a soft, flickering glow for Halloween effects, but they are a fire waiting to happen about busy little trick-or-treaters. To prevent burns and fires, it's best to use LED-bulb candles on Halloween because they don't get as hot and provide brighter light for safety. LED lights, solar-powered lights, battery-powered lights, and light sticks will prevent Halloween fire hazards.

  • Clean Up Your Front Yard
    Several days before Halloween, you should tackle some of those unfinished cleaning chores in areas where trick-or-treaters will be gathering:
    • Make sure front yard walkways and pathways are clean and clutter-free

    • Sweep leaves and debris from sidewalks, walkways, and porch steps

    • Move potted plants and garden hoses away from traffic areas

    • Move bicycles, tricycles, and skateboards to the garage or backyard

    • Park your car in the garage

  • Clean Up Your Front Porch
    Numerous trick-or-treaters will be making a path to your front door for sweet treats and goodies, so make sure your front porch is clean and safe. To prevent accidents, you may need to do some cleaning and repairs:

    • Sweep and pressure wash the porch

    • Apply friction tape to porch steps

    • Use yellow caution tape to direct traffic

    • Move pumpkins and decorations to porch perimeters

    • Repair damaged wooden or concrete steps

    • Repair loose or broken porch railings

    • Prop or tie the storm door open

  • Keep Your Pets Inside
    On a normal day, children and pets may be best friends, but Halloween changes that dynamic. Pets are easily frightened on Halloween by trick-or-treating activities, scary costumes, children screaming or crying, and unknown visitors in their territory. Halloween anxiety and fear can cause abnormal behavior in dogs and cats which can lead to barking, growling, biting, hissing, and physical attacks.

  • Stay Safe After Trick-or-Treaters Leave
    In some areas, Halloween brings out mischievous behaviors like burglary, theft, and vandalism. To protect your home, install motion sensor lights or Ring cameras that detect unusual movements during the night.

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