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Backyard Barbecue - Homeowners - J.P. Weigand & Sons, Inc.

Nothing says summer like the backyard barbecue. Whether you're making a fancy presentation from your sleek backyard kitchen and patio or just firing up the little old charcoal grill for the folks sitting around in lawn chairs, the backyard barbecue is front and center when it comes to summertime entertaining. 

Our real estate agents want you to know that there are generally two bright stars in the barbecue firmament, so pay particular attention to the grilled meats and delicious libations. If you've never done a barbecue, or haven't had much practice, or maybe things at your last effort didn't go exactly the way you'd hoped—practice makes perfect. You can also benefit from tips from those who've gone before you. So as you plan your big summertime fete for friends and relatives in your new home from among Wichita homes for sale, let's look at how to make your barbecue the best with these suggestions.

  1. Make a Menu
    You'll get lost if you try to do this in your head, especially if you plan on entertaining quite a few guests. Write it down. Plan it on your computer. Use one of those apps—like this one—that help you get serious with the details. How much meat do you need? How much meat substitute for non-meat eaters? How much chicken vs. steaks vs. hamburger patties? What about those libations we mentioned above? You get the picture. This organizer can help you, so you don't over- or under-buy. 

  2. Grill Maintenance
    If you didn't clean the grill to the max last time you used it, give it a good once over. Rub oil on the grill grates. Make sure you have plenty of charcoal or propane.

  3. Shipshape Setting
    Pay attention to the yard. Mow grass, edge, and trim shrubbery back. Plant some flowers or place some container plants around the patio or deck. Swab the patio or deck, so it's squeaky clean. Make sure your furniture is clean and in good repair. Assess how many chairs you'll need and place them where you want them (in the shade if it's hot). Make sure there's a station for throwing away the remains of the meal so your guests don't have to troop inside and search for the trash receptacle.

  4. Outdoor Refrigeration 
    If you don't have a full-service outdoor kitchen, a mini-fridge or a big cooler will do so you can keep meats, salad dishes, and drinks cool until time for cooking or serving. It's better than continuously having to dash indoors. 

  5. Meal Service
    It would be great to have everything you're serving out in plain sight—what a presentation!—but it may not be realistic. You don't want the courses not being served right away to stand in the heat, and you don't want insects landing on grilled items. Plan how you will serve. There's a lot to think about, depending on what you're serving and how many guests you have.

  6. Organize Meats
    Label your meats according to how done they are: well, medium, medium-rare, and rare, so guests can easily pick what they want.

Whether choosing a home just right for entertaining guests or getting your home ready to list, our real estate staff can answer all your questions. Contact us today. 

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