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Family Room Remodel - J.P. Weigand & Sons, Inc.

The family room of the 1950s was a place for a pool table or a large table for games and puzzles, and perhaps a television. But our real estate agents are well aware that today's families have very different needs. They know that versatility is the key to creating a pleasant space that offers multiple functions. Here are a few things to consider as you design your own recreation area.

  • Maximize Storage
    The last thing you want to do is turn your beautiful new space into a junk room, so it's important to incorporate plenty of storage space into your design. Consider shelf space in the form of built-in shelving or movable bookcases. Cabinets with solid doors will hide a world of unsightly items to maintain the comfortable atmosphere of the room. Coffee tables with drawers let you stow away chargers and those elusive remote controls. Cuddly blankets and throws can be tucked away in an ottoman that matches the couch.

  • Ensure Sufficient Lighting
    Families are re-discovering traditional interactions such as puzzles and board games. Arts and crafts are also making a big comeback. Good lighting is important for these activities, but you may also want darker spaces for television viewing and electronic gaming. Flexible options include floor lamps with swivel arms and ceiling lights with adjustable brightness. Technology hasn't left the world of lighting behind, so explore new options you may not have considered, such as remote-controlled task lights. But if you are on a limited budget, a simple desk lamp for twenty dollars or less may do the trick.

  • Consider Technology
    Fortunately, wall-to-wall wi-fi has made it easier to use electronic devices anywhere in the house. However, streaming services and some other applications tend to hog bandwidth, making it preferable to have the device hard-wired. To avoid unsightly wires cluttering the room, consider placement of the incoming access and the furniture. You'll also want plenty of outlets to accommodate the devices you will be using in the room, as well as charging stations. Supplemental items that may enhance your enjoyment of the area can include sound bars or speakers. 

  • Accommodate Multiple Uses
    At any given time, the modern family may need a home office, a music room, or a classroom as well as a comfortable place to congregate. As you establish a layout for the furnishings, pay particular attention to the placement of those items that cannot be moved easily, such as large screens and pianos. Decorative storage baskets and bins can provide attractive storage solutions for task-specific tools and supplies, keeping the space clean and orderly. Consider a pull-out couch that can accommodate guests.

  • Furnish for Comfort
    Often people look at a confined space and hesitate to use large furniture pieces. But in a family room, a large, comfortable couch is much more attractive than three or four chairs. Modular sectional couches offer even more versatile options as they can be placed around some of the more immovable items in the room. Young people tend to sprawl, so don't hesitate to add soft pillows to make them more comfortable. Select easy-care fabrics and surfaces to make clean-ups easier. Recent trends in curved couches and chairs mean fewer bumped heads for little ones. Your best choices are the ones made with your own family members in mind. 

Designing the perfect family room in one of the lovely Wichita homes for sale can be a group project that involves everyone. Contact us when your family is ready to jump in. 

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