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Dog Training - Wichita, KS - J.P. Weigand & Sons, Inc.

January is National Dog Training Month, which means it's time to work on your dog's behavior and skills. Whether you want to teach your dog something specific or just want to reinforce basic obedience, you don't have to do it alone. Our real estate agents have assembled this list of the best dog training agencies in and around Wichita to help you find the right teacher for your canine companion. 

  1. Chisolm Creek Pet Resort - 6260 N. Hillside, Wichita KS 67219 
    Chisolm Creek Pet Resort is a spacious green campus offering boarding and day camp services for dogs on top of their top-class dog training classes. Their puppy training courses are great for socializing very young dogs and teaching them how to behave safely in a home environment. Older dogs can participate in basic and advanced obedience training or take classes to prepare to work as a therapy animal or compete in rally competitions.

    If your dog needs a little extra attention, they also offer three-week and five-week intensive obedience programs. All their training uses only positive reinforcement techniques, so you can be certain that your dog will have a good experience with them even if you aren't there to supervise.  

  2. Hands Full Dog Training - 4100 N. Woodlawn, Wichita KS 67220 
    The staff at Hands Full Dog Training pride themselves on their ability to get even the most unruly dogs to behave nicely. They offer both a Puppy Manners Class and Family Dog Manners Class, as well as a class just for dogs with leash-pulling habits. Additional classes are available for learning tricks and practicing games to build obedience. 

    Short on time but still want to work on your dog's behavior? Hands Full also offers latchkey and online dog training for customers' convenience. Your trainer can visit and work with your dog at any time you request, whether you are home or not.  

  3. Family Dog Training & Behavioral Center - 3505 W. 30th St. S, Wichita KS 67217 
    Family Dog Training & Behavioral Center has an excellent reputation among Wichita's animal lovers. Here, you can enroll your dog in standard puppy classes and obedience training, as well as preliminary training for service and therapy dogs. They even offer reactivity training to help anxious dogs cope with stimuli like unexpected visitors and loud noises. 

    You can either attend these classes with your dog or drop them off for some intensive learning with their seasoned staff. Whichever you choose, be sure to book your class well in advance to ensure your dog gets one of the limited spots in their program—wait times can stretch for several months at peak times. 

  4. Woofter's Top Dog - 10200 E. 119th St. S, Mulvane KS 67110 
    Located near many of our Mulvane homes for sale, Woofter's Top Dog promises to get your dog's behavior under control in just a few sessions. They offer training for both young and older dogs with board and train programs lasting between two and four weeks, depending on your needs. 

    The facility's staff can teach your dog how to properly socialize with humans and other dogs, how to walk calmly on a leash, and other essential behaviors.

  5. Midwest Dog Center - 22215 W. 29th St. N, Andale KS 67001  
    Whether your dog needs a few days or a few weeks of training, the Midwest Dog Center is here to help. The training curriculum at this 4.5-acre campus located close to our Andale homes for sale includes puppy classes and obedience classes for dogs of all ages. Part of this facility's approach is to teach owners like you about dog psychology and offer strategies to better communicate with your dog, so it's best to attend sessions with your dog if you can.  

    If you're going away for a while, though, the center also offers one- to two-week board-and-train programs with custom advanced behavioral training curriculums, including programs to eliminate bad behaviors like jumping and lead pulling. They even offer guard dog training courses and private sessions to address specific issues with one-on-one attention from a trained handler.  

If you're looking for an excellent location to settle down happily with your dog, Wichita might be the spot for you. Contact us today to learn more about this canine-friendly area or to book a viewing of any of our beautiful Wichita homes for sale.  

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