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Holiday Decor Storage - J.P. Weigand & Sons, Inc.

From October through December, the joys of the holidays are abundant. Unfortunately, so is the cleanup afterward. If your storage area is a nightmare full of boxes and bags, it's time to roll up your sleeves and organize so that all of your beautiful decorations are out of your way and ready for next year. But where should you begin? Our real estate agents have a few tips to help you get started.

  • Invest in matching storage containers
    This is not to make your garage look pretty, although it will be far nicer to look at than a pile of sagging, dirty boxes. Matching containers mean that you can stack them high to utilize all the vertical space available without creating a huge footprint. While you're at it, buy plenty of labels so that each container can be marked with its contents. That way, you won't have to search through Thanksgiving linens to look for the Halloween skeletons. Cardboard invites pests to investigate the contents, so opt for plastic containers. This is one time that biodegradable is not the best choice.

  • Organize the contents of the bins
    There are 1,001 tips available on the internet, but here are a few that are consistent winners:
    • Egg cartons for small ornaments. These are available in plastic, too. While the cardboard varieties are free, they are also easily crushed if inadvertently placed in the bottom of a bin. In addition to the ornaments themselves, egg cartons work well to manage spare bulbs, clips, and hooks.

    • Use plastic cups as dividers for larger, fragile ornaments. These work well to organize the oddly shaped items from Halloween, as well. By placing a piece of cardboard in between, you can sandwich several layers of cups in a single storage bin.

    • Use a paper towel holder to stack rolls of ribbon. You'll find this is a great way to access the ribbon you need for wrapping gifts throughout the year.

    • Use clear plastic shoe boxes for odds and ends. Some things never seem to have a logical place for storage. Consider this the "junk drawer" in your larger storage containers.
  • Garment bags
    These are great options for two items you may want to store in an inside closet. They are a terrific way to store long rolls of wrapping paper. You can also add hangers of tissue paper draped over the hanger to avoid crumpling. This is also an efficient way to store holiday tablecloths rather than overstuffing a drawer. When you pull them out of the bag to use them, they will be just as clean and crisp as when you put them away. Use pants hangers with clips to store napkins.

  • Specialty containers
    No matter how hard you try, some items defy rational storage. But don't be dismayed. There are always solutions. Store your gorgeous wreaths in plastic containers designed just for that purpose. Bonus: You can stack them, too, so you can have one for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas and easily see within to make grabbing the right one easy. The other unruly item is string lights. At the very least, you'll want to wind them onto flat cardboard to keep them from tangling, but a better option is a reel designed specifically to manage them. Several versions are available at hardware stores.

Whether you're just settling into your new home or getting ready to add your house to other Wichita homes for sale, you'll find organizing your decorations a helpful investment in the future. Contact us to help manage your largest investment, your home. 

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