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Congratulations! You've found the perfect house among Wichita homes for sale. While it may be the last thing on your mind as you move into your new home, it's important not to neglect security. In today's world, you never know what can happen. How secure is your new home? Here are a few tips to ensure it's protected.

  • Locks. The house is yours now, but the previous owner could still have copies of the keys. Likewise, who knows how many of their family and friends were given spare keys over the years? Any of them could enter your home freely at any time. That's why one of the first things to do when you buy a home is to replace all the locks, to make sure no one has access but you.

  • Outdoor Lighting. Get motion sensor floodlights for the front and back yards. This way, if anyone tries to sneak around your house at night, the sudden bright light will catch them off guard and ensure that they can't hide in the darkness. Additionally, if anyone in your family arrives home when it's dark, the motion sensor lights can illuminate their path from the car to the door, ensuring they get inside safely.

  • Security Cameras. Gone are the days of grainy, black and white security footage. Today's smart security cameras can stream high-quality video in real-time directly to your mobile device. They can also alert you if someone approaches your house and keep track of "activity zones" where there's more likely to be traffic. Some even have facial recognition to tell you if the person at the door is a stranger or someone you know.

  • Smart Garage Door Opener. Your house isn't the only thing that needs to be made secure. It's also important to take care of your garage. A smart garage door opener can make sure no one gets in without your say-so. WiFi-enabled, it can be controlled from your mobile device. You can even set up a specific code for it, so the door won't open to anyone who doesn't know the password.

  • Alarm System. There are several different types of alarms for your home. Most require a passcode to be entered when you come in the door. If someone can't enter it or inputs the wrong code, an alarm will sound, and the local police will automatically be notified of an intruder. Modern systems can also send an alert to your phone if someone triggers your alarm.

  • Fence. Not all security features need to be high-tech. A tall, sturdy, wooden fence with a good quality padlock is very effective at keeping unwanted people off your property. Some people get chain link fences, but wood is better, as it's harder to climb over. It can also shield your home from prying eyes, whereas chain link offers no real privacy.

  • Watch for Friendly Strangers. Some burglars will pretend to be door-to-door salespeople and use that as a pretext to enter your home. Once there, they may keep you distracted while someone else sneaks in the back way or scout the premises for security weaknesses that they can exploit when they return later. No matter how friendly they may be, don't let anyone into your home whom you don't know.

These are just a few of the security features you can add to your house to give peace of mind to you and your family. If you're ready to make Wichita your new home, our real estate agents can walk you through the existing security features of whatever place you buy and let you know what specific upgrades you may need. Contact us to learn more.

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