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Upgraded Appliances - Sell a Home - J.P. Weigand & Sons, Inc.

Homeowners are often faced with decisions about which investments they should make in their homes, particularly if they're considering putting them on the market. If you've been watching the prices of Wichita homes for sale, you may be tempted to sell "as is." But what if some relatively inexpensive upgrades can increase the sale price dramatically? Our real estate agents will be happy to consult with you before you make a final decision. Here are a few appliances to consider replacing.

  • Worn, unsightly, or malfunctioning appliances
    If you're selling the first home you ever owned, you may have started on a shoestring with second-hand appliances. Maybe they have worked fine for you but are less attractive than shiny and new. It's important to remember that buyers often make emotional purchases. If an appliance stands out as old, it's going to detract from a potential buyer's confidence in the state of the entire house, whether or not their concerns have merit.

  • Refrigerators
    For the greatest ROI, a new refrigerator should rock French doors, roomy freezer sections, and built-in ice and water dispensers. Other pluses are stainless steel and fancy trends. Don't take off the Energy Star label if you are planning to sell. Everyone wants a refrigerator that functions as well as it looks. Some popular new features include built-in coffee makers, door-in-door storage for drinks and condiments, area temperature controls, and air purifiers. 

  • Stoves
    If it's an option, gas far outweighs electric with seasoned cooks thanks to immediate temperature control. Popular features include self-cleaning ovens, continuous grates to allow you to easily slide pots from one burner to another, griddles, and high BTU burners for rapid heating. Not to be completely outdone, electric stoves often feature smooth, glass, flat-top surfaces and self-cleaning ovens. Some high-end models include built-in air fryers and convection ovens for precise, even heat. Some offer induction cooktops. Instead of using a centralized heat source, an induction surface uses copper coils to heat the cookware directly. Whether gas or electric, a modern stove is always a plus. Dual ovens are popular with big families or people who frequently entertain and are a great choice for larger homes.

  • High-efficiency washing machines and dryers
    Once of the most frequent elements of home-price negotiations, washers and dryers are definitely upgrades to consider. For the best ROI, look again for Energy Star logos. Efficiency and versatility are key. Multiple-cycle selection options grant efficient cleaning for large loads of towels and bedding as well as small delicates. Some models offer sensors to make smart decisions for you. Another popular feature is a high-heat sanitizing cycle to kill germs on kitchen towels and ped bedding. Budget sets can be purchased for as little as $500, with high-end options for up to $2000.

  • Hot water heater
    No one wants to have to schedule showers so that everyone in the home has hot water. If yours is reaching the end of its useful life or has a small capacity, you can certainly add an important selling point by replacing it. The most important factor is the heating source. Gas water heaters cost more to buy than electric but offer much lower operating costs. Make sure before you buy that you know the space required and storage capacity. Tankless water heaters are another option. Check the energy factor rating before buying.

If you're thinking about selling your home, you don't have to wait until it's ready to contact us. We'll be happy to consult with you about upgrades before you invest in them. 

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