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Think of a room, any room, in your home. Did the dining room come to mind? Probably not. Some households still use their dining rooms for family dinners and breakfasts, but for other homeowners, the dining rooms is an area that is either underutilized or used for other purposes. Our real estate agents believe that every square foot of your home should be used to its fullest potential. After all, you are paying by the square-foot, why should you let an entire room collect dust? Whether you're staging to sell or just trying to maximize your current space, here are five great ways to utilize a dining room.

  • A Workspace for Professionals
    The dramatic increase in remote working has left many professionals scrambling for workspace in their homes. Are you already working at your dining room table every day? Then go all-in and transition the area into a workspace. Swap out the table and chairs for an ergonomic work desk and office chair. Purchase a light that illuminates your desk with task lighting that isn't too harsh. Pick a few other office supplies or décor to incorporate, but make sure you only stick to what you need. Adding too much into the room can make it feel cramped, unorganized, or distracting.

  • A Fun Place for Kids
    Professionals aren't the only ones spending more time at home. Children are now either learning remotely or forced to spend more of their free time at the house. Give them a special place to play by converting your dining room into a playroom. If the space isn't carpeted, consider adding a playmat to keep the kids comfortable on the floor. Place a bookshelf or chest in the room to store the toys, games, and activities. For bigger kids, adding a TV with video games and beanbag chairs will be an instant hit.

  • An Extended Living Area
    Who says you can't have a playroom for yourself? Turn the dining room into a fun space for adults. A dedicated bar area is ideal for dining rooms that transition into the kitchen. If you can install a door, you can make the space a cozy movie room. From home gyms to quiet reading spaces, the dining room can be your new favorite place to spend your evenings.

  • A Guest Room
    Having a dedicated bedroom for overnight guests is handy, however, many homeowners do not want to devote one of their formal bedrooms for houseguests. If you live in a home with limited bedrooms for your family, you may want to consider turning your little-used dining room into a place where guests can stay. Unless you have an open floorplan, you can easily install a door to the entrance of the dining room to give your guests privacy.

  • A Multipurpose Space
    Why decide on one theme, when you can make your dining room a transitional space? With a little creativity, you can design a room that functions as a play area for kids, workspace for you, and a spare bedroom for guests. A murphy bed or futon is an efficient piece of furniture to incorporate, as well as storage bins to keep toys or office supplies organized.

Are you searching for more space for dining, working, and living? We can help! Contact us today to tour our spacious Wichita homes for sale.  

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