Brandon Baker

Residential - The Carnahan Group

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Cell: 316.519.4754
Office: 316.634.6767
Brandon Baker has lived in Wichita almost his entire life and has grown to love the lifestyle that we enjoy here. In 2003, Brandon Joined the Real Estate industry with Ritchie Development Company. His time spent helping residential clients build their dream homes in Wilson Estates, Rocky Creek, and Reeds Cove paved the way for a life-long career. After serving with the Ritchie Development Company, Brandon was offered an unbeatable opportunity to mentor under one of Wichita’s most successful real estate agents, Cindy Carnahan. Since 2005, Brandon has enjoyed the opportunity to serve with The Carnahan Group as they’ve grown into Wichita’s leading real estate team. In addition to his experience selling new residential and resale homes, Brandon has extensive experience with the downtown condo...


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